SNAPSHOT & Airdrop number 3.

Reward token to Holders of UnderDog Token.

How do you get this token ?

You will be able to get it if you hold UnderDog Tokens.

We will take a snapshot on April 25.

(People who only hold the airdrop and has not bought Underdog token before the snapshot date will not be entitled for the DogFood airdrop.).

We will send out Third batch of the DogFood Token on May 1.

This is again based on your balance of UnderDog Tokens and also require you have not sold before May 1.

If you are on the coming snapshot list and meet the criteria will we send out these amounts of:

DogFood.Finance tokens, known as #DOGF.

Holders of UnderDog.Finance will get:

Your UnderDog Balance is above: 2000000

Will Split a pool of 1000000 DOGF equally.

LP tokens, we are doing a snapshot of these and that will be based on the token amount you sent to the LP on the UnderDog BNB pool or UnderDog Cake Pool or Underdog Dog Pool.

We ask all Liquidity providers who has liquidity at PanCakeSwap to make input in this form. We will make a new snapshot at April 25 of Underdog holders + liquidity providers. Minimum 2000000 UnderDog & No selling

Token Technical Details:

Name: DogFood.Finance

Ticker: DOGF

Digits: 9

Max Supply: 10 Million (Deflationary).

Burn: 4 %

Reward to holders: 4 %

For every transaction a 4% burn is applied and another 4% is distributed to holders.

DogFood.Finance (DOGF) Token Tracker | BscScan

DogFood.Finance (DOGF) Token Tracker on BscScan shows the price of the Token $0.0000, total supply 10,000,000, number…

How will this token have any value ?

We will make pairs with DOG/DOGF, you will not be able to farm DogFood, however will you be able to farm UnderDog #DOG.

Further will we implement our tokens on other farming platforms and work on the shared roadmap.

DogFood has a lower Supply than the UnderDog Token and other Burn and Reward mechanism.

We will work on DogFood Website and material in the meantime, get ready for some surprises 🐶 🦴

Minimum amount to be able to receive is set to 2000000 UnderDogs, and you are not allowed to sell rewards if you are in the LP pools to qualify.

Note rules can be changed at a later date.


Underdog.Finance — 4 % Transaction Reward to Holders & 1 % Burn






Buy UnderDog:

🥞 PancakeSwap — A next evolution DeFi exchange on Binance Smart Chan (BSC)

(remember to set slippage to 10–15 %).

Enjoy the Farming and Enjoy eating some DogFood 🐶 🦴

For Questions Join Telegram:


Thanks on behalf of the UnderDog and DogFood Dev Team

🐶 Telegram: 🐶 4 % of each transaction goes to all holders 🐶 1 % of each transaction gets burned

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