Marketing & New Token

First we want to Thank you guys for being very supportive.

We have seen happy community-members and we are getting positive feedback anywhere and it means a lot.

We have a strong community, it is Fun with the UnderDog Meme, we have going.

It is fun but most important also serious.

During the last 14 days we have established a good community, we sent a lot of free UnderDogs out in the many contest we did run.

Just an Example

A short highlight of what we have accomplished:

Saturday March 13. We are happy to announce that we have been added to LiveCoinWatch.

Friday March 12. We Sent 100 Million to Public Burnwallet

Monday March 8.

We made our own bot with info about the project and relevant links.

Saturday March 6. We burned LP and sent to Public Burn Wallet:

Tuesday March 2. We were added to the BinanceRocket Telegram Price Tracker:

We will keep doing promotions at Telegram and Twitter.

Soon to hire Youtubers and Also add some Twitter Influencers as well.

Among these will we airdrop to 10,000 wallets, containing other cool projects that we admire on the BSC Chain.

To Mention a few:


We will only airdrop a small amount, but to many just to get the word out.

This is also a form of sending out some of the tokens we still have on our hands and a way of building an even bigger community.

This process has already started.

Status is today (Numbers increasing per day):

Holders: 509

Twitter: 4307

Telegram: 2427

New Token with Low Supply that can be sent to loyal Supporters.

By the look of it, the community are interested in a low

Token with a 10 Million Max Supply with some of the same specs as UnderDog.

Our Dev Team are working on it as we speak and we have the perfect name for it :), specs and more info about this will be released later this week.

Farming, we have farming active with daily rewards to farmers 300,000 UnderDog, we have the BNB farm at Tenet.

We will add more Pairs, stay tuned :).

And maybe even Coingecko and CoinMarketCap soon… :).


🐶 Shadow Staking is Live. 🐶 Earn 4 % in reward of all transactions.
🐶 Without having to spend time and money on Harvesting and Yield Platforms 💪
🦄 1 % Automatic Burn
🦄 Total Supply is decreasing
🦄 Your bag is increasing
🦄 UnderDog.Finance


Join our Telegram:




🐶 Telegram: 🐶 4 % of each transaction goes to all holders 🐶 1 % of each transaction gets burned

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